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The San Luis Del Mar resort is approximately a two-hour drive from Baguio City. There is a side road to Baccuit Norte along the Bauang highway that leads to the seaside. The resort is a 1.1 hectare beachfront property with beautiful landscaping and a spacious parking lot. We decided to go there for a family outing.

San Luis Del Mar has a deceptively spacious infinity pool with a gorgeous view of the horizon. They also have a function hall that can hold up to 150 people and a pavilion that can accommodate up to 500 guests. During our visit, they were preparing the pavilion for a wedding later that afternoon.

For lunch, we had no choice but to order their group package meal because a number of items on their menu were unavailable. We joked that it might be a good idea to install a buzzer of some sort per kiosk to alert the staff for orders and/or follow-up concerns; guests have to walk from the poolside all the way to the main building to find the resort staff.

We had the misfortune of having a group of teenagers rent the kiosk next to ours. They were rowdy and smoking. It was very unpleasant. Even if it’s an open space, maybe it would be a good idea to have a separate area for smokers.

For all the resort’s beauty, there were not enough bath/comfort rooms. On the upside, of all the beach resorts I have visited, San Luis Del Mar is by far the prettiest and has the cleanest pool water. The beach is nice as well. There were quite a number of boats on the shore when we were there.


Location: San Luis Del Mar, Baccuit Norte, Bauang, La Union, PHL
Contact details: +63(072)607 6983 / 0917 8507 536
Official website: San Luis Del Mar
Facebook page: “San luis del mar resort”

The entrance fee per head at the San Luis Del Mar resort is ₱150.00 (₱200.00 during peak season) and the kiosk rental fee is ₱500.00 (₱600.00 during peak season). Room rates range from ₱1,200.00 to ₱4,100.00 — relative to number of people, beds, and month. Since San Luis Del Mar has a canteen, they also have a fee for cooking on the premises and bringing food.


It was a nice, sunny day, so the pool water was so clear. We had a blast taking wacky underwater shots, competitive underwater selfies, and pretend-mermaid shots. A relaxing day at the San Luis Del Mar resort was exactly what we needed to wash away the stress from the past few months. 

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

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4 thoughts on “San Luis Del Mar Resort

  • Ochi Bernadas

    Wow, I love how everything is so organized! From the content to the photos! <3 I wish I had the energy to re-categorize everything on my blog! Haha Gand ganda! I love it! My personal favorite would be the About the Author section and the Bucketlist! 🙂

    • Kai Post author

      Thank you, ate! I didn’t think anyone would notice and point out those kinds of details. 😀 I love your blog, too, btw. <3 Your food photos are so mouthwatering. I can never get my food photos to look that good no matter what kind of camera I use haha.

  • Ishmael F. Ahab

    La Union…I have never been to this place. In fact, the northernmost province that I visited is either Nueva Ecija or Zambales. I do wish to visit Regions I and II in the future.

    Anyways, there are quite negative things that you posted about this resort. I agree with you that they should designate smoking areas since resorts is usually visited by families with children. I don’t want my kids to take second hand smoke.

    • Kai Post author

      You will find a lot of nice beaches in La Union. San Juan is great for surfing. I hope you get to visit soon. 🙂

      Ah, I didn’t mean to sound so critical. I just really disapprove of smoking in public places. I’m not sure if they’ve established some new rules, but I’ll be sure to update the article once I find out. Negative comments aside though, the place is very pretty. 🙂