Sage: A Baguio Must-Try

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For many Baguio City locals, the word “sage” has become closely associated with a cozy restaurant along Military Cut-Off Road. Their pretty, bright green logo cannot be missed.

The establishment’s walls are painted in the colors of its namesake. The lantern-style incandescent lights on the walls create an ambiance suitable for families, couples, and friends. Guests may choose to sit at a long table or in the intimate couch seats by the windows. Pretty flowers and artwork are artfully scattered in the layout, creating a look and feel that seems almost garden-like.

Sage is a locally-owned and operated business, established in May 2013 by Arlene Alcantara-Sy. Twelve accommodating and pleasant employees currently work at Sage. The waitstaff never fail to smile and respond promptly when guests ask for assistance.

Sage gained a lot of attention only six months into their business venture. They were featured on GMA 7’s Ang Pinaka as one of the Top 10 Yummiest Restaurants in Baguio City. They have also received praise from various bloggers who commend their comfy atmosphere, affordable prices, and friendly service.

I have been to Sage a couple of times now with my family. We have never been disappointed, both in terms of service and food quality. Try Sage if you want a relatively fancy restaurant that offers reasonable prices for satisfying servings of Filipino, Italian, Mexican, and other exquisite dishes. They use sage mostly for garnish, but order their Irish Porkchop if you want to taste something flavored with the spice. One of my favorite dishes is their Basil Shrimp Pasta.

Even though they claim to have no signature dish, the fact that they created a menu based on the Sy family’s favorite home cooked meals is what I think makes all their dishes uniquely Sage. 


Location: Sage, Military Cut-off Road, Baguio City, PHL
Business hours: 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Contact numbers: (074) 422 2954 / 0917 581 7030
Facebook page: SAGE

Their meals range from ₱140.00 to ₱280.00. And trust me; you get more than what you pay for. For their menu and prices, click here. Prices and menu items may change without prior notice.


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