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There is a certain novelty about Reminisque Bistro that I love. I’m not sure if it’s the personalized service, the beautiful photos framed in solid black outlines, the classic white tablecloths, or the old-timey music coming from the aged Bose speakers — maybe it’s all those things nicely put together. Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll go back — which is what the owners want: for us to go back — back to a time when families and friends sat together at a table to eat home-cooked food, laugh, joke, share stories and drinks; back to when music didn’t have to be loud and obnoxious for us to want to dance; back to a more pleasant time.

Reminisque Bistro is a family restaurant by day and a family-friendly bar by night. A place that brings back the memory of good old times is one of the most coveted things in this modern era. Fortunately, Reminisque Bistro offers this sought-after classic experience with a personalized touch. Upon entering the bistro, customers are welcomed by a nostalgic display of an old gramophone, a hauntingly-beautiful damaged violin, and other antiquated items.

Reminisque Bistro was designed not only to elicit the ambiance of old-fashioned diners, but also to make it homey. This look is achieved with the help of the owners’ personal possessions; their high-quality vinyl records, Bose speakers, and charmingly-framed personal photographs are incorporated seamlessly into the interior design. These small, but noticeable details make the place unique.

The time travel is complete once the Bose speakers vibrate to 70s, 80s, and 90s music reminiscent of days long past. The music-loving owners got some of the best professional DJs and musicians to render live performances that are ear-gasmic! In fact, some of the owners are musicians themselves, so rest assured that their choice of music is in good taste.

On Tuesdays, Atty. Ferdie Topacio and Atty. Larry Gadon serenade the bistro with their versions of the golden hits. Other nights are for jazz, rhythm, and blues. We visited the place on a Thursday and we were able to catch the acoustic performance of Side A’s iconic Pido Lalimarmo and Freestyle’s dashing Joshua Desiderio. 

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Location: Reminisque Bistro, GF BDI Bldg., Scout Lozano St., cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, Manila, PHL
Business hours: 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M.
Contact number: 02 246 9069 ext. 378 / (02) 441 5302
Facebook page: Reminisque Morato
Zomato profile: Reminisque Bistro

Reminisque Bistro’s menu is inspired by the home-cooked meals of the mothers and grandmothers of the chef as well as the owners. Our palate rejoiced when we experienced the authentic taste of traditionally-prepared Filipino dishes like beef kansi (PHP 345), kare-kare (PHP 395), and sisig (PHP 195).

One of our favorite Reminisque dishes is their chicken inasal salad (PHP 200). The sweetness of sliced mango blends well with the savory chicken. We also tried their linguine with smoked tinapa (PHP 245), fish fillet (PHP 305), and salmon enoki.

Another must-try is Reminisque’s version of tibok-tibok (PHP 145), a creamy dessert from Pampanga. We do not recommend that you leave the bistro without first having a bite of this mouth-watering pudding overloaded with cheese toppings. Yes, it’s slice of heaven!

If the food seems pricey, worry not because all the dishes are good for sharing. Reminisque encourages eating together and sharing ulam. If you want great music and great food, visit Reminisque Bistro with your friends and family. 


© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

As an Eco-Eatery

Aside from being a perfect place to reminisce, Reminisque Bistro also upholds its love for the earth. Ynna Matias, Reminisque’s operations manager, shared the following environment-friendly practices of the bistro:


  • The Batwan/Batuan fruit, which is an ingredient of their beef kansi, comes from a local farm in Rizal. Other ingredients are bought fresh from the market on a daily basis. This is to make sure that ingredients do not go to waste.
  • They have an impressive cooking oil filtration system, so they may reuse the cleaned oil.

Waste Management

  • Separate bins are allotted for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. Their recyclables are given to junk shops.

Daily Operations

  • Service water, plastic straws, and tissue napkins are only given upon request. Their service water comes from a drinking tap and not in plastic bottles. It is also notable that their tissue napkins are made of recycled paper.
  • Their eating utensils are stainless and non-disposable.
  • They use tablecloths instead of paper placemats.
  • The bistro is brightened up by LED lights for less electrical consumption.
  • They have low-flush toilets in their comfort rooms.
  • As mentioned above, most of the interior decorations are second-hand.
  • Parking spaces are available. In fact, the bistro is located within a commercial building with parking.

For us customers, making green choices in our day-to-day, such as opting to eat at a restaurant with sustainable practices, is a simple way for us to help the environment. 

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