Pearl Meat Shop & Restaurant

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I’ve passed through Pearl Meat Shop & Restaurant, a Korean restaurant, many times before and I’ve wondered about it. This authentic Korean restaurant is along Cariño Street, across from Paladin Hotel, in Baguio City, with no fancy signboards or whatever, and it always seems packed with people enjoying their food. My curiosity has been satisfied recently; a good friend and I decided to try Pearl Meat Shop Restaurant.

Upon ordering, we were informed that it is required for each person to order a meat dish, so we ordered Pork Belly (Samgyeobsal), Marinated Pork Bulgogi, Ramyeon, and beers. The complementary appetizers came first, followed by the meat and beers, and finally, the Ramyeon. The hot plate in the middle of the table where the meat was cooking gave it an authentic Korean atmosphere.

The food was good and, believe me, A LOT. So we took our time eating. We managed to consume everything — and I mean, everything — from the appetizers to the beers. I think we overate, but it was worth it. Everything was just so good. The meat is definitely fresh because they are their own meat supplier.

I strongly recommend the Marinated Pork Bulgogi. It was delicious. Please try it if you ever eat at Pearl Meat Shop Restaurant. 


Location: Pearl Meat Shop & Restaurant, 10 Cariño Street, Baguio City, PHL

Their pork menu (180g/dish) ranges from ₱160.00 to ₱220.00. Their beef menu (180g/dish) ranges from ₱180.00 to ₱400.00. Extra rice is ₱50.00. They also have a special lunch menu (₱200.00 to ₱250.00) that they serve from 11:00 A.M. to 3 P.M.


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