Pura Gunung Kawi

During our Bali trip, we went to Gunung Kawi in Tampak Siring. Because Gunung Kawi is a temple, we were expecting — well — a temple haha. I’ve seen pictures of Gunung Kawi, but I didn’t think the surrounding structures would be so huge! The majestic shrines are eight meters high. They are among Bali’s oldest and largest ancient monuments.

Gunung Kawi | A Wandering Cat

Barong and Keris | A Wandering Cat

Barong and Keris Dance

Bali’s Barong and Keris Dance is comprised of five acts set to a musical overture. Characters move in harmony with the background music. The dancers’ movements are graceful and mesmerizing. The dance depicts the eternal fight between good and evil. If you want to watch a cultural show in Bali, the Barong and Keris Dance should definitely be on your list.

Bali Buda Café

Bali Buda Café is a restaurant we stumbled across during our Bali trip. This dining establishment promotes natural and healthy food. Their restaurant has an adjoining shop where customers can buy various items, such as fresh and organic bread, coffee, jam, vegetables, spices, etc. We tried their four-cheese pizza, chocolate cake, and healthy drinks.

Bali | A Wandering Cat

Bali | A Wandering Cat

5D4N Bali Itinerary

For our Bali adventure, we grabbed Dana Guesthouse Bali’s deal on Hostelworld. The deal included accommodation, breakfast, an English-speaking driver/guide, and private transportation. All we had to do was make a draft itinerary and the driver would take us to the places we wanted to see.

2D1N at Akinabalu Youth Hostel

Because it is one of the most recommended places to stay in Kota Kinabalu, we decided to stay at Akinabalu Youth Hostel. The location is ideal for guests who want to walk around the city. It’s right across the Atkinson Clock Tower, a famous landmark in the city. They have a clean, beautiful, well-ventilated and spacious lounge area and lobby.

Akinabalu Youth Hostel | A Wandering Cat

PH Passport Application | A Wandering Cat

PHL Passport Application

Aside from travel time and expenses, applying at DFA Aseana was simple enough. I scheduled the earliest possible time through their online appointment system, which was 7:30 A.M.. The whole thing took literally about two minutes. I went upstairs to pay, get my picture taken, and I was done.

Ozark Diner

Ozark Diner offers dishes inspired by food from the American South. It may be a long and winding drive from the city proper, but the food is definitely worth it. Ozark Diner’s main dishes come with either one or two free side dishes of your choice, and the Ozark Iced Tea is divine. I think I may go there just for the iced tea.

Ozark Diner © A Wandering Cat

Sage | A Wandering Cat

Sage: A Baguio Must-Try

For many Baguio City locals, the word “sage” has become closely associated with a cozy restaurant along Military Cut-Off Road. Their pretty, bright green logo cannot be missed. The establishment’s walls are painted in the colors of its namesake. The lantern-style incandescent lights on the walls create an ambiance suitable for families, couples, and friends.

Pearl Meat Shop & Restaurant

I’ve passed through Pearl Meat Shop and Restaurant, a Korean restaurant, many times before and I’ve wondered about it. This authentic Korean restaurant is along Cariño Street, across from Paladin Hotel, in Baguio City, with no fancy signboards or whatever, and it always seems packed with people enjoying their food.

Pearl Meat Shop & Restaurant | A Wandering Cat

Chaya | A Wandering Cat

Chaya: Japanese Cuisine

Chaya has a very good reputation that they definitely live up to. We went at night, on a Wednesday, and the place was almost full. We ordered their Temaki Sushi comprised of three different kinds of raw fish, crab sticks, egg, and some veggies — all of which you could mix and match to create your own sushi.

Camping in Mt. Cabuyao

Mt. Cabuyao/Kabuyao [ka-BU-ya-w], usually mistaken for Mt. Sto. Tomas, is at approximately 2,025 meters above sea level (MASL), which makes it a great vantage point for those who want a bird’s eye-view of Baguio City and her surrounding mountains. On a clear day, major mountains can be seen: Pulag, Ugo, Singakalsa, Tabayoc, and Panotoan.

Mt. Cabuyao | A Wandering Cat

Mt. Ugo | A Wandering Cat

Mt. Ugo Itinerary

Mt. Ugo/Ugu [OOH-goh/OOH-goo] offers some of the most scenic mountain trails in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). The summit can be reached via established routes from the provinces of Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya, and Pangasinan. Some trails pass through native communities of the Lowa and Kalanguya tribes.

Mt. Amuyao Traverse

Mt. Amuyao [a-MU-ya-w] is the 10th highest mountain in the Philippines and one of the notable landmarks in Mountain Province. Aside from being an important part of local culture, it is also significant in terms of biodiversity. Native communities, pine forests, panoramic views, and mountain towns are some noteworthy things you will see along the way.

Mt. Amuyao | A Wandering Cat