Mt. Ugo Itinerary

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Mt. Ugo/Ugu [OOH-goh/OOH-goo] offers some of the most scenic mountain trails in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). The summit can be reached via established routes from the provinces of Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya, and Pangasinan. Some trails pass through native communities of the Lowa and Kalanguya tribes. The highest point is approximately 2,150 meters above sea level (MASL). Well-known mountains in Luzon, such as Pulag, Sto. Tomas, and Arayat, can be viewed from the peak of Mt. Ugo.

At the summit, a memorial stone stands in remembrance of the people who died onboard the PAL flight PR206 bound for Baguio City that crashed on the mountain’s slopes in June 26, 1987. According to the official website of Benguet, there were two other aircrafts that crashed on the site: the airplane UC45 CAB in the 1960s and a helicopter (no date). Climbers are encouraged to be mindful and respectful when doing the Mt. Ugo traverse.

For one of the induction rites of the UP Baguio Mountaineers (UPBM), we decided to climb this beautiful mountain. Below, you will find our Mt. Ugo itinerary, route, expenses, and photos.

Important: Read the Leave No Trace Principles to know the best practices of a responsible mountaineer.


Where: Mt. Ugo, Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet, PHL
Entry point: Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet
Exit point: Kayapa Central, Nueva Vizcaya
Duration: 3 days; 2 nights
Category: Major climb
Difficulty: Average

Route: Baguio City > Tinongdan, Itogon > Mt. Ugo > Mongolia, Nueva Vizcaya > Kayapa Proper, Nueva Vizcaya > Kayapa Central, Nueva Vizcaya > Baguio City

Mt. Ugo is a relatively virgin mountain, so the atmosphere is serene and the surroundings are calming. It’s an extremely long, but beautiful walk in the park. I highly recommend this Mt. Ugo itinerary for mid-level mountaineers looking for a fresh mountain to conquer. Just make sure to leave no trace. 


Day 1

06:00 – call time
06:30 – departure from UP Baguio (via contracted jeepney)
07:25 – registration at Tinongdan Barangay Hall
07:40 – arrival at jump-off
08:00 – start of ascent
11:09 – lunch at Sitio Lusod
12:30 – resume ascent
16:45 – arrival at summit/campsite; make camp; dinner


Day 2

04:45 – morning alarm and formal induction
06:00 – breakfast
07:30 – break camp
08:27 – start of descent
09:56 – refill containers at water source; continue descent
13:30 – arrival at Mongolia; make camp
14:30 – late lunch
19:30 – dinner


Day 3

05:00 – morning alarm; break camp
06:30 – continue descent
07:00 – arrival at Kayapa Proper, Nueva Vizcaya
07:20 – jeepney ride to Kayapa Central, Nueva Vizcaya
08:45 – arrival at Kayapa Central; breakfast
09:48 – bus ride to Baguio City
13:30 – arrival at Baguio City


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The Mt. Ugo traverse is one of my favorites because it offers awesome panoramic views and the trek isn’t that hard.

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