Mt. Amuyao Traverse

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Mt. Amuyao [a-MU-ya-w] is the 10th highest mountain in the Philippines and one of the notable landmarks in Mountain Province. It is mentioned in Igorot folklore and so is special to the locals. Aside from being an important part of local culture, it is also significant in terms of biodiversity; diverse flora can be seen when undertaking the Mt. Amuyao traverse. Native communities, pine forests, panoramic summit views, and mountain towns are some noteworthy things you will see along the way.

For one of the induction rites of the UP Baguio Mountaineers (UPBM), we decided to do the Mt. Amuyao traverse. Below, you will find our itinerary, notes, route, expenses, and photos.

Important: Read the Leave No Trace Principles to know the best practices of a responsible mountaineer.


Where: Mt. Amuyao, Barlig, Mountain Province, PHL
Entry point: Bontoc, Mt. Province
Exit point: Bontoc, Mt. Province
Duration: 4 days; 3 nights
Category: Major climb
Difficulty: Extreme

Route: Baguio City > Bontoc, Mt. Province > Barlig, Mt. Province > Mt. Amuyao > Patyay, Ifugao > Cambulo, Ifugao > Batad, Ifugao > Banaue, Ifugao > Bontoc, Mt. Province > Baguio City

The jump-off for our Mt. Amuyao traverse was the mountain town Barlig in Mt. Province. From the Mt. Amuyao summit, the trail to Patyay and Cambulo are lengthy, but well-maintained. Batad is where the rice terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are found. These are the actual rice terraces that are on postcards, not the Banaue Rice Terraces. The Mt. Amuyao traverse is the most challenging climb I’ve been through so far, but it’s also the most worthwhile.


Day 1

05:05 – departure from Baguio City to Bontoc via bus
11:00 – arrival at Bontoc; lunch
13:00 – departure from Bontoc to Barlig via jeepney
14:10 – arrival at Barlig; registration at tourism office
14:30 – arrival at jump-off
16:20 – start trek (trail: bridge, stairs, community, small bridge, uphill, downhill)
19:00 – rest; dinner
20:05 – resume trek (trail: steep stairway, mossy forest)
20:40 – arrival at water source (20 minutes away from the campsite)
21:05 – resume trek (trail: uphill, flat area, uphill) *
22:20 – arrival at Mt. Amuyao summit; make camp **

» Show notes

* There are concrete posts along the trail. Keep trekking until you see a red light. Once you see a red light, you’re near the summit.

** Since we arrived at the summit late at night, there was nothing much to see. There are catch basins, but the water is not safe to drink. There is a latrine nearby.

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Day 2

06:45 – breakfast
08:30 – break camp; start descent (trail: extreme downhill, slippery mossy forest, riverside, rough road) *
16:00 – late lunch
17:45 – resume trek
18:00 – arrival at old campsite; make camp (by some old kubos)
18:30 – break camp (locals asked us to camp elsewhere)
19:00 – resume trek (trail: downhill, riverside, along rice terraces)
19:50 – arrival at Patyay; make camp; dinner **

» Show notes

* Once you get to the clearing, take the trail to the right.

** We camped on the front yard of a local’s house for a small fee.

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Day 3

05:00 – breakfast; break camp
08:10 – start trek (trail: along rice terraces, uphill, flat area, steep downhill, across streams)
09:20 – rest at river; swimming
13:30 – arrival at lunch area; water source (community)
15:10 – resume trek (trail: downhill, along rice terraces, concrete stairs going down, bridge)
16:30 – arrival at Kambulo; swimming at the river
21:30 – dinner *

» Show notes

* We asked to stay the night at the local school. They allowed us to use the bathrooms, so we bathed and freshened up there as well. Everyone was very hospitable. I even charged my batteries in one of the houses for free. There are stores there, but don’t expect much. At night, the place is lit up by hundreds of fireflies. It’s so beautiful, but could not be captured on my camera.

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Day 4

08:00 – start trek (trail: ask for directions and follow the uphill trail)
10:00 – rest at store in Batad *
10:30 – resume trek (trail: follow the uphill trail, seemingly endless stairs)
11:00 – arrival at tourist area
11:30 – departure from Batad to Banaue via jeepney
13:00 – arrival at Banaue town proper; lunch
14:00 – departure from Banaue to Bontoc via bus/van **
15:30 – arrival at Bontoc
16:10 – departure from Bontoc to Baguio City via bus
22:10 – arrival at Baguio City

» Show notes

* Everything is expensive e.g. an 8oz coke is ₱35 because products have to be brought in from the city.

** Because there was not enough space in the bus, we split into two groups. The van fare from Bontoc to Baguio costs a little bit more than that of the bus.

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Budget & Expenses | Mt. Amuyao | A Wandering Cat

The camping fee at Patyay is ₱250.00 for the whole group. There were 14 of us, so we divided the amount. For those unfamiliar with the route, the guide fee is at ₱1,500.00/guide for 5 people. We didn’t hire a guide because the older UPBM members know the way.


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