Anusarn Market Cabaret

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When we were planning our trip to Thailand, my sister and I decided that aside from the elephants, we definitely had to see the ladyboys. Watching a performance in Bangkok was out of the question because we were only there for a day, then we had to fly to Chiang Mai; The alternative we found was the Anusarn Market Cabaret.

At first we couldn’t find the cabaret, so we wandered around the market and had dinner, afterwhich we walked into a pillar of a woman; our first encounter with a ladyboy. She told us to wait a while because they were still setting up, but she pointed us in the right direction. Up close, she was magnificent in her barely-there silver bikini and sparkling headdress. Another ladyboy in a black and white gown sauntered over to us, giving us a dimpled smile. They escorted us to the entrance where we were met by another ladyboy in a sexy black one-piece blowing imaginary smoke from the barrel of a plastic toy gun.

Because we were early and because no one wanted to sit up front, we took the seats right in front of the stage. Hence, the unobstructed close-up photos. We sat there, not really expecting much, then the lights were off, a pre-recorded introduction was played, and the music started. All of a sudden, a line of ladyboys in full headgear, makeup, and apparel pranced onto the stage to the beat of an ABBA song on full blast, while an array of blue, red, pink, yellow, and green LED lights flashed in the background. We were sold!

The show lasted for approximately an hour and 30 minutes and for me, it was an impressive balance of sexy, funny, emotional, and wild. The costumes are really well-made and the performers were very charismatic. Aside from ABBA, the lovely ladyboys danced to Britney Spears, remixed local songs, and other music.

If you want to experience a cabaret without having to worry about being ridiculed or humiliated, then the Anusarn Market Cabaret is a good choice. Towards the end, a gorgeous ladyboy in Rihanna garb went down to the audience to give some guys a lapdance. She asked one of the guys to go onstage and danced for him. It was both hilarious kind of hot haha!

If you’re iffy about those kinds of things, find a seat away from the stage. That said, I highly recommend the Anusarn Market Cabaret for friends and couples who are looking to have a lively night in Chiang Mai. 


Location: Anusarn Market Cabaret, Anusarn Market, Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai, THA 
Show time: 9:30 P.M.
Entrance fee: 290 THB (inclusive of one (1) drink and one (1) snack)
Official website: Thailand Cabaret Shows
Contact number: 085-249-9204

The last time we were there, the entrance fee was 200.00 THB, about ₱250.00 at the time, and inclusive of one (1) free drink. Looks like they upped the price a bit, but believe me, it’s definitely worth it.


© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

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