GLO Café and Restaurant

During our 4D3N Cebu-Bohol trip, we stayed at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. We used a Metrodeal voucher that included a lot of perks; one of them was a daily breakfast buffet at GLO Café and Restaurant. We weren’t expecting much because our concept of a free breakfast was two pieces of toast and some fruit due to past experiences in other hotels.

GLO Café and Restaurant © A Wandering Cat

Arca's Yard | A Wandering Cat

Arca’s Yard Café Baguio

If you are looking for a quiet and pretty place to read comfortably while surrounded by nature, books, cultural artifacts, and lots of natural light, then Arca’s Yard Café Baguio is perfect for you. For the longest time, my friend Ferlyn had been telling me about Arca’s Yard, but since it’s so out-of-the-way, it took a while before we finally went there.

Bali Buda Café

Bali Buda Café is a restaurant we stumbled across during our Bali trip. This dining establishment promotes natural and healthy food. Their restaurant has an adjoining shop where customers can buy various items, such as fresh and organic bread, coffee, jam, vegetables, spices, etc. We tried their four-cheese pizza, chocolate cake, and healthy drinks.

Bali | A Wandering Cat