Don Antonio Blanco Museum

Don Antonio Blanco Museum, also known as The Blanco Renaissance Museum, features the award-winning art of the museum’s namesake. Don Antonio Blanco is a talented artist of Spanish-American descent who was born in the Philippines. Most of his paintings are of women — boudoir art. His art features the female form and specific parts of the female body.

Bali © A Wandering Cat

Gunung Kawi | A Wandering Cat

Pura Gunung Kawi

During our Bali trip, we went to Gunung Kawi in Tampak Siring. Because Gunung Kawi is a temple, we were expecting — well — a temple haha. I’ve seen pictures of Gunung Kawi, but I didn’t think the surrounding structures would be so huge! The majestic shrines are eight meters high. They are among Bali’s oldest and largest ancient monuments.

Barong and Keris Dance

Bali’s Barong and Keris Dance is comprised of five acts set to a musical overture. Characters move in harmony with the background music. The dancers’ movements are graceful and mesmerizing. The dance depicts the eternal fight between good and evil. If you want to watch a cultural show in Bali, the Barong and Keris Dance should definitely be on your list.

Barong and Keris | A Wandering Cat

PH Passport Application | A Wandering Cat

PHL Passport Application

Aside from travel time and expenses, applying at DFA Aseana was simple enough. I scheduled the earliest possible time through their online appointment system, which was 7:30 A.M.. The whole thing took literally about two minutes. I went upstairs to pay, get my picture taken, and I was done.