Pasig City Rainforest Adventure

You don’t have to spend much or travel far to get some air. The Pasig City RAVE: Rainforest Adventure Experience is for families, friends, and couples looking for a great place to chill, walk around, and bond — away from the hustle and bustle of the polluted metro. The park is well-maintained and the animals look well. The plants are thriving and the paths are clean.

Pasig City RAVE: Rainforest Adventure Experience © A Wandering Cat

Hong Kong Disneyland © A Wandering Cat

Hong Kong Disneyland Park 2

I have finally been to The Happiest Place On Earth — Hong Kong Disneyland Park. There’s nothing better than to roam around Disneyland with your parents and siblings. I love the fact that our over-50-year-old parents were able to match (and sometimes surpass) our energy. We really had a wonderful and magical time.

Bahay Na Bato Open Art Gallery 2

Bahay Na Bato Open Art Gallery is located in the municipality of Luna, The Pebble Capital of the North, in La Union. Inside the two-storey stone house are various World War II items, carved stones, and wooden adornments. Stepping out onto the second-floor balcony offers you a panoramic view of the pebbled beach and uniquely-landscaped lawn.

Bahay Na Bato Open Art Gallery © A Wandering Cat

Crown Regency Cebu © A Wandering Cat

3D2N at Crown Regency Cebu 1

We don’t usually stay at fancy hotels, but we found a voucher on Metrodeal and we thought it was a good deal. I’ve read some bad reviews about Cebu’s Crown Regency, but I personally have nothing to complain about. We enjoyed their amenities and freebies, and the complimentary meals were delicious!

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 9

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a heritage park pioneered by Jose Rizalino “Jerry” Acuzar of the New San Jose Builders. Each house was dismantled brick by brick and relocated to the 400-hectare lot in Bagac, where they were carefully reassembled in the same fashion and then restored. Missing parts were replicated to resemble the original structure.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar © A Wandering Cat

Bali | A Wandering Cat

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu

The Kecak Dance is set in a breathtaking environment. The amphitheater overlooks the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, the gorgeous sunset, and the striking silhouette of Uluwatu Temple on the edge of a cliff. As the sun dips into the horizon, the dancers begin their trance-like chanting, which leaves almost every person in the packed arena mesmerized.