Bali Buda Café

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Bali Buda Café is a restaurant we stumbled across during our Bali trip. This dining establishment promotes natural and healthy food. Their restaurant has an adjoining shop where customers can buy various items, such as fresh and organic bread, coffee, jam, vegetables, spices, etc.

We tried their four-cheese pizza, chocolate cake, and healthy drinks. Their four-cheese pizza is one of the best four-cheese pizzas I’ve ever tasted. In addition to delicious healthy food, Bali Buda Café has a cozy ambiance and is child-friendly. There is a playpen under the stairs as well as children’s books and coloring exercises on one of their shelves.

Aside from serving “the most delicious ever carrot cake” and “a seriously dense chocolate mud cake”, Bali Buda Café is an eco-friendly establishment that supports various environmental advocacy and health programs, which makes it one of my favorite restaurants in Southeast Asia. 


Location: Bali Buda Café – Kerobokan Branch, IDN
Official website: Bali Buda
Facebook page: Bali Buda Café & Health Food Shops

Bali Buda Café’s menu prices range from 11.000 IDR to 67.000 IDR. That’s approximately ₱50.00 to ₱250.00. So ₱1,000.00 or 300.000 IDR is more than enough for a full meal there. Check out their website for their complete menu and prices.


© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

© A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat © A Wandering Cat

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