The Wandering Cat


Kai is a 20-something workaholic with commitment issues and a short attention span. This moody cat-lover has a tendency to wander off for days at a time, only going home to sleep. What she lacks in consistency, she tries to make up for with wit and efficiency. She has no idea where her life is going, so she’s taking random longcuts and having fun getting lost.

Aside from writing, she likes to doodle as well as fiddle with digital art and film photography. She is also a member of the UP Baguio Mountaineers, one of the best environmental organizations ever. Anyone can join!

She loves hearing from readers, so feel free to comment on her posts. 


A Wandering Cat is dedicated to adventure, food, friendship, love, life, and letting go. The aim of this website is to help adventure-seekers with their future wanderings. These are the blog categories (for now):

  • Activities – This category highlights interesting, fun, and exciting activities as well as various recreations, whether at a well-known amusement park or in a hidden province abroad.
  • Climbs – This category’s articles contain the itinerary, budget/expenses, and photos of a particular climb. Each post also has a brief overview of the featured mountain. The overview includes specs, such as difficulty and route taken, among others.
  • Finds – If you’re looking for a quaint café or a cozy bookshop, then this is the category for you. Read spotlight posts about places the author considers her lucky finds, as well as her recommended dining establishments. Choose from restaurants that offer everything from Filipino dishes to Japanese cuisine.
  • Travels – The articles for this category are a concise documentation of the author’s local and international travels, as well as reviews of tried and tested international and local accommodations. The posts include photos, itinerary, budget/expenses, travel tips, location, contact information, and other pertinent information.

Posts are kept short and to the point because readability is valued at A Wandering Cat. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to comment on any of the posts. Happy browsing! 

Note: Some posts were lost due to technical issues and content migration is still underway, but the author is working hard to finish the remaining backlogs and recreate the deleted posts.