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A Wandering Cat is dedicated to adventure, ideas, food, friendship, love, and life. The aim of this website is to help adventure-seekers with their future wanderings. Clicking the menu button on the upper right side leads to the following categories:


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This category’s articles contain the itinerary, budget/expenses, and photos of a particular climb. Each post also has a brief overview of the featured mountain. The overview includes specs, such as difficulty and route taken, among others.


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For the more visual reader, this category leads to original comic strips related to travel. A new comic is added every Monday.


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Interesting, fun, and exciting activities as well as various recreations, whether at a well-known amusement park or in a hidden province abroad, are highlighted in this category.


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If you’re looking for a quaint café or a cozy bookshop, then this is the category for you. Read spotlight posts about places the author considers her lucky finds.


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Click on this category if you want to view the author’s recommended dining establishments. Choose from restaurants that offer everything from Filipino dishes to Japanese cuisine.


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This category offers reviews of tried and tested international and local accommodations. Photos, location, contact information, and other pertinent details are included in the posts.


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The articles for this category are a concise documentation of the author’s local and international travels. The posts include photos, itinerary, budget/expenses, travel tips, and more.


Posts are kept short and to the point because readability is valued at A Wandering Cat. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to comment on any of the posts. Happy browsing! 



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Note: Some posts have not yet been published because content migration is still underway, but the author is working hard to finish the remaining backlogs.