Pasig City Rainforest Adventure

You don’t have to spend much or travel far to get some air. The Pasig City RAVE: Rainforest Adventure Experience is for families, friends, and couples looking for a great place to chill, walk around, and bond — away from the hustle and bustle of the polluted metro. The park is well-maintained and the animals look well. The plants are thriving and the paths are clean.

Pasig City RAVE: Rainforest Adventure Experience © A Wandering Cat

Hong Kong Disneyland © A Wandering Cat

Hong Kong Disneyland Park 2

I have finally been to The Happiest Place On Earth — Hong Kong Disneyland Park. There’s nothing better than to roam around Disneyland with your parents and siblings. I love the fact that our over-50-year-old parents were able to match (and sometimes surpass) our energy. We really had a wonderful and magical time.

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand that provides a natural sanctuary for dozens of elephants, dogs, cats, buffaloes, and many other animals, where you can walk with, feed, pet, and bathe the elephants. Since the 1990s, the organization has strived to cater to these animals’ welfare and development.

Elephant Nature Park THA © A Wandering Cat

Bahay Na Bato Open Art Gallery © A Wandering Cat

Bahay Na Bato Open Art Gallery 2

Bahay Na Bato Open Art Gallery is located in the municipality of Luna, The Pebble Capital of the North, in La Union. Inside the two-storey stone house are various World War II items, carved stones, and wooden adornments. Stepping out onto the second-floor balcony offers you a panoramic view of the pebbled beach and uniquely-landscaped lawn.

? Reminisque Bistro

Are you looking for a place that brings back the memory of good old times? Fortunately, Reminisque Bistro offers this sought-after classic experience with a personalized touch. Upon entering the bistro, customers are welcomed by a nostalgic display of an old gramophone, a hauntingly-beautiful damaged violin, and other antiquated items.

Reminisque Bistro © A Wandering Cat

LNT Principle #1 © Shekinah Angiwan | A Wandering Cat

LNT Principle # 1 4

For all kinds of travelers, it is a must to be acquainted with the 7 Leave No Trace (LNT) Principles. For some travelers, LNT has become a lifestyle. The LNT program teaches us and reminds us of the importance of responsible outdoor recreation. Those who observe the LNT principles not only appreciate, but respect public recreational places and fellow tourists.

GLO Café and Restaurant

During our 4D3N Cebu-Bohol trip, we stayed at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. We used a Metrodeal voucher that included a lot of perks; one of them was a daily breakfast buffet at GLO Café and Restaurant. We weren’t expecting much because our concept of a free breakfast was two pieces of toast and some fruit due to past experiences in other hotels.

GLO Café and Restaurant © A Wandering Cat

Crown Regency Cebu © A Wandering Cat

3D2N at Crown Regency Cebu 1

We don’t usually stay at fancy hotels, but we found a voucher on Metrodeal and we thought it was a good deal. I’ve read some bad reviews about Cebu’s Crown Regency, but I personally have nothing to complain about. We enjoyed their amenities and freebies, and the complimentary meals were delicious!

TurtleCat Tales # 1

We all have our own quirks when it comes to travelling. The TurtleCat Tales is a compilation of graphically-portrayed anecdotes that are very personal to the author. This comic strip, in particular, shows how the author’s trips sometimes begin: by spontaneously booking a flight to somewhere.

Comics © Shekinah Angiwan | A Wandering Cat

Osmeña Peak © A Wandering Cat

Finding Osmeña Peak

Cebu is not only home to nice beaches and historical sites, it is also home to beautiful mountains, tall waterfalls, and more. As part of our trip to Cebu, we decided to include Osmeña Peak in our itinerary. We stayed there for a night before heading to Kawasan Falls. Osmeña Peak, named in honor of Cebu’s famous Osmeña clan, is also known as O-Peak.

Bohol Countryside Tour

For my birthday last year, we visited Bohol, a province in the Central Visayas region, as a sidetrip to our Cebu getaway. Bohol is best known for its tarsiers and Chocolate Hills. Luckily, the weather was good and we were able to visit both sites. Aside from those attractions, Bohol has so much more to offer.

Bohol © A Wandering Cat

Cebu © A Wandering Cat

Cebu-Bohol 4D4N Getaway

Early last year, I booked a flight to Cebu on a whim. I’ve read so many wonderful posts about Cebu and Bohol; I wanted to see and experience the sights for myself. Cebu City is the capital of Cebu Province, an island in the Visayas Region of the Philippines. The city is reminiscent of Metro Manila, but a cleaner, less chaotic, more polite version thereof.

Trekking to Nagsasa Cove 3

Mt. Nagsasa, located between Mt. Cinco Picos and Mt. Balingkilat, is approximately 450 meters above sea level (MASL). Mt. Nagsasa is known for being a friendlier mountain than its two neighbors in terms of trek difficulty and distance to summit. The trail itself is easy; what makes the hike to Nagsasa Cove difficult is the heat as there is little shade along the way.

Nagsasa © A Wandering Cat